About Us

The Miller Family has special interests in drug and alcohol abuse prevention because of our own personal losses of friends and family members.

Prevention programs are designed to help parents, educators and community leaders reduce risk factors through awareness.

We believe that all families deserve the right to be educated parents and to know how to help their children make healthy decisions about Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs. (ATOD) We agree with the U.S. Department of Education that alcohol is also a drug, just like marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin or any other mind altering and addictive substance, including tobacco.

We are committed to educating parents with critical information that will make a difference in their children’s lives. Science has confirmed that tobacco is the gateway drug and leads to other substance abuse. When we example or tolerate any level of use by ourselves or others, it is the same as granting permission to our children.

We are convinced that parents must take the lead in teaching life skills that will make the difference when it comes to ATOD . When we example healthy choices for our children, we give the best preventive medicine. Parents are the Anit-Drug.


We support parenting programs that have been evaluated and proven to reducie multiple risk factors for later alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, and delinquency. Here are some of the results from programs we support.

  • Increased family bonding
  • Increased parental involvement
  • Increased positive parenting skills
  • Increase positive communication
  • Increased family organization
  • Decreased family conflict
  • Decreased youth depression
  • Decreased youth aggression
  • Increased youth cooperation
  • Increased number of prosocial friends
  • Increased youth social competencies
  • Increased youth school grades

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If you would like information on what we are currently funding or if you would like to apply for a grant please give us your email. We only fund parenting programs.