The Miller Family Foundation is a non-profit foundation (not affiliated in any way with the brewery company).
The charitable purpose of the foundation is to fund parent education programs. These progams are for the purpose of teaching parents how to communicate and enforce clear boundaries around underage drinking of alcohol, tobacoo and other drugs. (ATOD)

We understand this is a very difficult job description for parents and much has been written and taught about this topic. We believe the family as a whole needs to be educated. Any program that leaves out a parent, child or other family member falls short of its effectiveness.

Parents are referred to as the “Anti-Drug” because of the power they have to influence their children. Lots of parents are afraid to set limits. They think it will build a wall between them and their teen. In truth, limits actually show your teen that you care. The trick is to find a balance between your need for control and your teen’s need for independence.

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Many methods and funding by our government has been tried. What has found to be the most effective in the country is PARENTS. When the family has open and effective communication about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOL), kids can make good decisions. As parents it is paramount that we demonstrate the best example possible.

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If you would like information on what we are currently funding or if you would like to apply for a grant please give us your email. We only fund parenting programs.